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the REST initiative

The REST Initiative
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See how the REST Initiative™ is bringing comfort and relief to those in need.

Through the REST Initiative™, P.E.S.T. Relief International® teams up with the pest management industry and other manufacturers to provide clean bedding and other services to create a safe and comfortable living space for organizations needing donated assistance.


It is our desire to provide every orphan, abused or at-risk individual with a sanitary place to rest and recover. By making orphanages and shelters a safe place to sleep, those who are destitute and vulnerable can continue getting the help and care they need in a safe environment. Our goal is to support those who are the “boots on the ground” in what they do best; helping others through their programs or providing care for a child.

It is our desire to provide every orphan, abused or at-risk individual with a sanitary place to rest and recover. P.E.S.T. Relief International® is teaming up with the pest management industry, manufacturers, and other global organizations to make orphanages and shelters a safe place to sleep.

We believe that once these basic needs are fulfilled, the individual feels acceptance and moves forward to build new relationships and thereby empowered to achieve a new level of accomplishment. Upon fulfilling the individuals' physiological needs, they will be enabled to sustain themselves through mediums parallel to their culture. As a result, this new level of accomplishment leads to one achieving their full potential while transforming the individual and ultimately their community.

For years, my company, Mattress Safe®, has been donating mattress covers to shelters in the US. When I took my first trip to Honduras, I was able to transform the mattresses of children who were in great need for comfort and relief. What was once a soiled and worn mattress became a fresh, clean and sanitary bed for a child to receive rest.


That was the year that the vision of P.E.S.T. Relief International® began to grow, and the REST Initiative™ began. We continue to supply mattress covers to orphanages in Honduras as well as shelters and group homes in the United States.

See where our help has given hope, restored dignity.
  • - Home for Runaway Teenagers - Charlotte, NC

  • Lori Lubman - Rochester Hills, MI

  • Abba House - Dawsonville, GA  

  • Salvation Army - Springfield, MO                              

  • Vision Warriors - Woodstock,  GA

  • Disaster Relief -  Savannah, GA

  • Brevard Rescue Mission - Rockledge, Florida

  • Hope House - Augusta, GA

  • Nakuru 3:16 - Kenya                     

  • Apite Orphanage -  Riga, Latvia 

  • Well Spring Living - Barbara Giuliano

  • Children of Russia - Russia

  • El Refugio Children’s Home - Honduras               

  • Cumming Home Ministries - Cumming GA

“Thank you for your donation of mattress protectors to the women and children of Hope House, Inc. Your warm heart and generous spirit are greatly appreciated.”


“I speak for the women and children of Hope House when I say how much we appreciate your willingness to support our organization and help our women overcome the disease of addiction and mental health disorders so they may resume their lives as productive citizens and nurturing parents.”


 – Hope House, Inc.

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