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the REST initiative

The REST Initiative
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See how the REST Initiative™ is bringing comfort and relief to those in need.

Through the REST Initiative™, P.E.S.T. Relief International® teams up with the pest management industry and other manufacturers to provide clean bedding and other services to create a safe and comfortable living space for organizations needing donated assistance.


It is our desire to provide every orphan, abused or at-risk individual with a sanitary place to rest and recover. By making orphanages and shelters a safe place to sleep, those who are destitute and vulnerable can continue getting the help and care they need in a safe environment. Our goal is to support those who are the “boots on the ground” in what they do best; helping others through their programs or providing care for a child.

It is our desire to provide every orphan, abused or at-risk individual with a sanitary place to rest and recover. P.E.S.T. Relief International® is teaming up with the pest management industry, manufacturers, and other global organizations to make orphanages and shelters a safe place to sleep.

We believe that once these basic needs are fulfilled, the individual feels acceptance and moves forward to build new relationships and thereby empowered to achieve a new level of accomplishment. Upon fulfilling the individuals' physiological needs, they will be enabled to sustain themselves through mediums parallel to their culture. As a result, this new level of accomplishment leads to one achieving their full potential while transforming the individual and ultimately their community.

For years, my company, Mattress Safe®, has been donating mattress covers to shelters in the US. When I took my first trip to Honduras, I was able to transform the mattresses of children who were in great need for comfort and relief. What was once a soiled and worn mattress became a fresh, clean and sanitary bed for a child to receive rest.


That was the year that the vision of P.E.S.T. Relief International® began to grow, and the REST Initiative™ began. We continue to supply mattress covers to orphanages in Honduras as well as shelters and group homes in the United States.

See where our help has given hope, restored dignity.
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