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As a pest control operator, you are on the front lines every day.  Now you can help to save the lives of those in need who are in crisis due to a pest infestation. Often, we are contacted by the state concerning a family that does not have the financial means to eradicate a pest infestation and is in danger of losing their children or even their home.


P.E.S.T. Relief International created the P.E.S.T. Relief Responders program for heroes in the industry to bring their talents to the scene and use them as a defense to protect the vulnerable and destitute. In most cases, a P.E.S.T. Relief Responder will donate their services for an in-kind donation receipt, and we will provide the legal coverage for your service as well as clean bedding for sanitary sleeping conditions.

From helping a single mom from losing her children or them being banned from school to protecting the elderly, our P.E.S.T. Relief Responders program has made an impact on both the families in need as well as the volunteers. 

To become a P.E.S.T. Relief Responder in your community, contact, and we will set you up in your district. 

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