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FOSTER CARE Initiative

Physical • Spiritual • Emotional • Educational

P.E.S.T. Relief International has been helping foster homes all over the USA.

But now, we are excited about the opportunity to build and sustain a children’s home right here in Georgia.


Thousands of foster children are impacted by a system that has more children than loving homes to care for them. The increasing demand in the foster care system forces these children to be placed outside of the county away from their siblings and parents.  


Having this home would provide a place to nurture these boys and provide programs and counseling services for rehabilitation, so that one day, they too can grow up to be adults who are successful leaders in their community.

Currently, we are in stage I of our building campaign to complete our research and development for budgeting and conditional use permits.  Every day, with your donations and support, we get closer to achieving the goal of building this permanent home to impact the lives of many.

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