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Rest Beyond Relief

Masks for Relief

2-ply mask with a filter for extra protection. All masks are washable, reusable, breathable and comfortable. Made by local sowers. Help us stop the spread of COVID-19 and other viruses!


Pillow Encasement

Sleep with Confidence! The Pillow Protector protects against bd bugs, mold, stains, bacteria, skin cells and dust mite allergens. 


Classic Mattress Protector 

Our Classic Mattress Protector is made from our soft and luxurious fabric! This stretch knit fabric is joined to our unique lightweight barrier, made for any mattress. 


Ultimate Mattress Encasement

This is a total box spring encasement. Certified for bed bug and dust mite protection, this encasement is also breathable and durable! Includes box spring corner protectors. 



Stretch Knit Box Spring Encasement

This is our total mattress encasement. Certifies for bed bug protection, non-allergenic, dust mite protection, breathable, comfrotable and waterproof on all six sides. Comes and fits in a varriety of sizes!