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Bags of REST

Do for one what you wish you could do for many.

P.E.S.T. Relief International Video

P.E.S.T. Relief International Video

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PEST Relief International visits Mexico Beach, Florida to bring comfort and relief in the wake of Hurricane Michael.

Teddy Love

We recently launched a disaster relief program in the state of Georgia with the help of a 30 year veteran from the Red Cross. Convenient backpacks have been filled with personal care items or baby care items which are ready for distribution in the event of a natural disaster.  Each back pack is waterproof, and may be the only item a victim has to put their belongings while in transition.

Included in the backpacks are:

Items to donate for our General Disaster Relief Bags

        *travel size preferred*

  •   Soap

  •   Wash cloth

  • *Shampoo

  • *Deodorant

  •   Comb

  • *Tooth Paste

  •   Tooth Brush

  •   Razor (disposables)


      Items to donate for our Baby Disaster Relief Bags

        *travel size preferred*

  • * Wet Wipes

  •    Diapers-all sizes

  • * Baby Wash

  •    Baby T-shirt

  •    Receiving Blanket For Infants

Didsater With Bears.jpg

For a donation of $25.00, you can provide a backpack for someone in crisis and bring comfort and relief to those in need.

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